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233000 .Com Sale at Sedo Tops This Week's Chart + 2 of Year's 10 Biggest .Nets

October 18th 2019 2:52AM
The new weekly domain sales report is out at I was away on a family vacation last week so I have a double dose of domain sales data ...

UPDATE: Gary Housing Authority wins round one of Nations restaurant owner's lawsuit

October 18th 2019 2:37AM
"We don't need to have administrative seizure of property and I want this emphasized for the record; I'm OK with eminent domain procedures as ...

Colorado woman indicted in attempted sale of 1920s fetuses

October 18th 2019 12:45AM
CANON CITY, Colo. (AP) — A Colorado woman suspected of trying to sell three human fetuses from the 1920s and a fetal skeleton online has been ...

Domains For Sale

October 17th 2019 11:44PM
The domain is held in escrow during the lease. To submit your domain name for sale or to become a Gold Domain Listing, click here. com is hosted in ...

New Zealand sale announcement highlights TV's struggles

October 17th 2019 11:26PM
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand broadcaster MediaWorks has announced it plans to sell its struggling television business, leaving ...

Judge sides with Housing Authority in round one of Nations restaurant owner's lawsuit

October 17th 2019 10:53PM
The circumstances surrounding the Gary Housing Authority's land grab shines a spotlight on the complicated, complex process that is eminent domain ...

Lincoln home prices hit never-before-achieved milestone

October 17th 2019 10:52PM
That was the first time the monthly median price -- which represents the midpoint of all sales -- has ever risen out of the $100,000s in Lincoln.
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